Q: I am not from the area. What hotels do you recommend?

A: Reserve a room at the Governors Inn, Casselton. This is a great local hotel that is located directly on the Rural Cass Snowmobile Club trail. And, it has a fun waterpark.  

Q: Can I register early for SnowJam 2012?

A: You can print the registration form, fill it out at home and bring it with you to speed up the registration process that Saturday


Q: Do I need to license my vintage snowmobile to ride it in the vintage ride?

A: You can obtain a collector snowmobile license at no charge by completing this form: http://www.dot.nd.gov/docs/motorvehicle/SFN54339.pdf

Q: I’m not from North Dakota. Will I need a permit to ride?

A: Out-of-state residents will need a North Dakota trail permit. The permit costs $15 per year. Out of state permits may be ordered online at https://www.idctech.net/Snowmobile.

Out-of-State Permits are also available at state park offices.

Q: What if there is no snow?

A:  Let’s cross that bridge once winter hits.

Q: How can I keep in touch on the latest SnowJam information?

A: Join the SnowJam mailing list — see link on the right side of this page.  We will only send SnowJam info to you and your privacy will be honored.

Q: What can I win at SnowJam 2012?

A: Beyond the cash prizes, many sponsors are donating prizes for raffles and drawings. Examples of prizes you will be able to win includes Arctic Cat t-shirts, and much more! We’ll be posting pictures of more of the prizes as SnowJam gets closer.