Top 10 reasons to attend SnowJam 2016

  1. Check out the display of vintage and antique snowmobiles
  2. Dance to the music at Hagge’s that evening
  3. Hang out with snowmobile enthusiasts like yourself!
  4. Have some old-fashioned “flat-out fun!” For more information on the event, check
  5. Learn more about Snowmobile North Dakota and your local snowmobile club
  6. Play “Heads or Tails” and win a prize!
  7. Ride, Ride, Ride – it’s winter in ND
  8. Vote for your favorite vintage snowmobile
  9. Watch the vintage snowmobile parade
  10. Win a cash prize, just by collecting tickets from trail stops

Hope to see you there on Saturday, Feb.20 in Mapleton ND!


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